Hello new and old members! If you're interested in becoming a high role, please message me, the owner. I will give you all the questions you must answer through pm. Good luck trying out. On January 1st, if all roles aren't taken, you may try out for a second high role!^^


Please read the rules so that you have a better understanding of the site.

Site last updated December 1st 2014 (8:26 Pacific)




 1. You may not tell others what to do or that they broke a rule.
REPORT rule breaks and the admin/moderators will handle it. Do NOT threaten to report somebody, that is rude! 
2. Be polite to other members and don't start drama. (If you feel mistreated by staff - Pm an admin)
Be considerate!Don't be mean and don't talk about hurting yourself/others. This includes rants and discussing rule breaks and bans in public.
 3. Be appropriate!
We are PG-13, ehich means NO mature.adult content. This  also includes asking for personal information
NO plagiarism/art theft. 
(Stealing someone's work an claiming you made it.) 
5. No injuring or killing another person's character without their permission.
Play only your character(s), and AIM to attack another person's character instead of auto-hitting, which is power playing! If you have permission from the player, this is then allowed. 
6. Be realistic.
This includes no making your character super powerful, avoiding all attacks (God-moding) or using one man armies(You create a group of only your cats).
7. You can't create a leader, deputy, medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice for any of our official clans when joining. Ask the admin who will ask the site owner. (ME!) 
8.You may not spam or advertise.